investing in cryptos

Tips for Investing in Crypto with an Adjusted Budget

Many people outside the world of Cryptocurrency believe that to invest in Crypto you have to have a lot of money or even this is an activity reserved for an exclusive group of wealthy people. For the new people in this world I tell them that one of the reasons the Cryptocurrencies were created was to democratize the financial system and make it accessible to everyone, even for those people who have little money. One of the best aspects of investing in Crypto is that it is incredibly divisible. A friend yesterday asked me if I could invest 2 dollars investing in cryptos.

  1. Invest small amounts every week:

This strategy works best when you have a steady job and fairly consistent expenses. I personally weekly take out of my budget between $ 10 and $ 20 dollars to invest in Cryptocurrencies what is better? Invest semiannually $ 5 or $ 10 dollars and have between $ 250 and $ 500 dollars in assets at the end of the year, or never invest anything? This is what good investors call accumulating assets through “Small Ball Plays”. Instead of aiming to hit home runs every Sunday at the stadium, good investors who have perseverance and patience prefer to beat weekly “sles”.

  1. If you have a business, start accepting Cryptocurrencies as payment method:

If you sell products online, on Instagram, in physical stores, etc. One of my biggest recommendations is that you include Bitcoin as a payment method. It is much more economical than accepting credit cards and is the only Cryptocurrency that with 100% security will be valued over the years by the fact of being digital gold. That is, there is a limited number of Bitcoins in circulation ($ 21 million of Bitcoins). Compare it with the $ 10.5 trillion dollars in circulation in the world and I ask you which currency is more likely to be appreciated.

  1. Convert unexpected money into Crypto:

This tip is more based on chance than the other tips. You got a promotion or an unexpected bonus at work; you received money for birthdays or Christmas. This is money you did not expect to have. Why not allocate a small percentage to invest in Crypto? In about 5 to 10 years your future I will thank you.

  1. Invest according to your risk tolerance:

If you are a risky investor, you are young and you are just beginning in this world (like me), I recommend targeting companies with a low market capitalization, that is, companies that are just beginning and have not received money from many investors but that they have a promising future. For me, Docademic is my chosen company for high risk investments but with a great future ahead. It has only a market capitalization of $ 100 million. If it reaches $ 1 trillion, my current investment will have multiplied by 10. On the other hand, if you are an elderly person with little risk to the risk, I recommend you go to the safe, Bitcoin or Ethereum. But remember, for your investment to double, today you would need $ 100 billion dollars to be injected into Bitcoin. Charge it with the $ 100 million dollars that Docademic requires to double and you will understand why smaller and new coins are more likely to grow your investment (and also more risk, do not forget it).

  1. Have perspective and patience:

Your investment will go up but above all it will go down constantly. Do not worry. It is normal. People expect the growth of the investment to be a straight line up and it is not. It is constant ups and downs. What I do assure you is that if the Cripto you have chosen is promising, each year its value will be higher than the previous year. Look Bitcoin. Currently the price is at its worst fall of the year (around $ 6 thousand dollars). However, look at the price of a year ago, on July 5, 2017. It was $ 2,500 dollars. And I assure you 100% that on July 5, 2019 the price will be higher than the $ 6 thousand today. Remember also that the type of Cripto you invest in greatly influences the future of your investment. Many of the crypts that exist today will not survive the next 5 years. Investigate a lot, read and get involved in the project before investing (Yes, I do not get tired of emphasizing this). Also remember that these investments, like all investments, are only speculative. Invest only the amount you are willing to lose.